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Junio 1, 2016
2nd Developers’ Day – June 16th, 2016
Junio 22, 2016

1st Developers’ Day – June 2nd, 2016




The everisMoriarty tool was presented to everis partners and directors of several business lines for the first session, via direct video streaming. everisMoriarty is a tool developed by the Instituto Tecnológico de Aragón (ITA) and everis.

Carlos Galve, everis Partner and everis office Director in Zaragoza, opened the session highlighting the importance of encouraging the relationship between companies (everis), universities and technological centers such as ITA.

In an increasingly competitive national and international market, and with more demand for new technologies, this relationship is important in order to speed up innovation and create very advanced technological tools such as everisMoriarty, which allow implementing fast Artificial Intelligence and Big Data solutions for final clients.

Also, the following people participated in the session:

  • Ángel Fernández, ITA Director
  • David Sanz, Big Data Partner and Responsible in everis
  • Jacinto Estrecha, Director of the Center for the Development of Cognitive Applications (CDAC, in Spanish) Antonio García Morte, CDAC Technical Director

All of them have stressed the importance of the development of a tool such as everisMoriarty, to implement Big Data business solutions in the market times.



For his part, Antonio Garcia, CDAC Technical Director, presented a brief description of the tool to the attendants and showed his work road map for the following months.

Antonio also presented the multidisciplinary team of people that work in everisMoriarty for the tool implementation and improvements.

To conclude, several demos were presented that show certain use cases developed with everisMoriarty and the several functionalities that this development framework offers.






All the videos of the everisMoriarty demos are available through this link: