Antonio Garcia Morte in Artificial Intelligence Day ETSIT
Febrero 14, 2017
everis organizes NTTDATA EMEA innovation community in Artificial Intelligence
Marzo 6, 2017

More than 100 attendees at the Artificial Intelligence workshop ETSIT

On February 16th, Antonio García Morte, CTO (Chief Technology Officer) at the CADC participated in the “Artificial Intelligence Days at ETSIT” to give a workshop to the students of the Technical School of Telecommunications Engineers of the Polytechnic University from Madrid.


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The workshop was attended by 106 engineering students of different specialties such as; Telecommunications, Computing and Biomedical, interested in all the advances that are happening in the field of artificial intelligence.During the session will be treated in a very interactive way all the advances that are happening in the field of artificial intelligence.

Antonio García Morte, conducted a very interactive workshop with students discovering the fundamental theoretical aspects, such as search algorithms, deep learning, or genetic algorithms, to reach the most important practical advances of our time, such as the self-driven car.


The teaching objective of the session was to provide to the student a clear mental map of the different areas that make up the artificial intelligence, together with the theoretical foundations and practical applications of each one of them.
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