Gartner positions everisMoriarty as reference in Artificial Intelligence
Mayo 22, 2017
Adil Mouhajid presents everisMoriarty R3 in London
Mayo 24, 2017

everisMoriarty R3 to be presented at Strata Data in London

Strata Data is one of the most significant Big Data conferences in the world and will be taking place in London from 23-25 May. As part of the event, on 23 May, Adil Mouhajid, CADC data scientist will present everisMoriarty R3, a new version of the most complete platform for the development and deployment of artificial intelligence apps.

This latest version can be integrated with Python, Jupyter and Deep Learning with GPU support. It will also offer data scientists a great deal of flexibility in their workflows and will enable them to create even more complex analysis applications.

everisMoriarty R3 will have a new user interface, whose aim is to accelerate the development of analysis workflows and to improve project management.


The latest version of everisMoriarty will further strengthen our position in the market, so we can continue to be the most effective professional environment for the development and automated deployment of software analysis.

everisMoriarty was recently selected as NTT DATA Group’s artificial intelligence tool, included in the analytics group Gartner’s reference table as an example of a Data & Analytics services platform.

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