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Septiembre 28, 2017
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Do you want to be part of the elite of Data?

eDIN – Mediterranean views for the data elite

Delivering projects with social impact

In our Data Innovation Center, we are delivering data valuation projects in order to change the world. If you want to be part of this data elite, you are just one click away of having the chance of transforming your future.

In our Data Innovation Center, we have the most innovative technological knowledge, which can be applied to many Big Data projects in different sectors. Our mission is to identify new technologies in order to keep the data life cycle, asset creation and services to enhance the data management with the objective to promote and share this knowledge with our clients.

We would like to know you. Do you want to know what we do?

We are a multidisciplinary team, with the premise of offering our clients innovative Big Data solutions, based on services such as Data Governance, Data Capture, Processing, Storage, Visualization and Data Infrastructure.

Through our experience, methodologies and assets & services, we increase the productivity of our clients, which are based on OpenSource and / or enterprise vendor architectures, applying analysis / algorithms at any step on the data life cycle.

Alliances with key Industry players

We have established alliances with relevant stakeholders of our industry (Cloudera, Hortonworks, Oracle, IBM MarkLogic, Collibra) working on a collaborative model, and adding specific knowledge thanks to collaboration with prestigious Universities, Research Centers and Startups.


Are you interested in working on an open and collaborative innovation ecosystem?

That’s how our Data Innovation Center operates, allowing us to evaluate and test new technologies that will be relevant for our clients, which will be considered and implemented within our Big Data reference architecture. This architecture allows us to offer innovative services such as DWH Migration, Information Management, Application Reduction, Big Contents, or real-time actions.

Choose how long you want to stay with the data elite  

In eDIN you choose your future, allowing scheduling flexibility to develop your career within the project, always being adapted to your personal and professional needs. One year, two years? Share your plans with us.

International opportunities?

Our certified consultants are currently working on projects based in United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Chile, Japan, United States, Belgium, Portugal.  Great opportunity to give the needed boost to your international career.

Data technology on an unbeatable location

eDIN is settled in a unique location, Barcelona, a city open to the sea and with a strategic connection within the rest of Europe, which offers the wonderful Mediterranean weather all year long, and a great cultural and leisure offer.

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