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Octubre 2, 2017
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Febrero 5, 2018

Study on B2B Data Sharing in Europe

In January 2017, the Commission adopted the Communication ‘Building a European Data Economy’, which addressed, among other topics, access and transfer of non-personal, machine-generated data in business-to-business constellations.

In order to deepen its understanding on B2B data data access and transfer in Europe, the European Commission, DG CONNECT, in collaboration with everis, launched a study in July 2017, in order to assess the quantitative dimension of data sharing and re-use between companies, identify missed business opportunities resulting from the lack of access to relevant data, and determine obstacles to and success factors for data sharing and re-use between companies in Europe.

The main findings of the ‘Study on B2B data sharing in Europe’ was presented the last 12th January on Brussels. You can check the presentations at the event’s webpage and the Web streaming recording