Our experience in Madrid City AI with Ignacio Chaparro
Febrero 5, 2018

Can artificial intelligence change the way we love? First Zaragoza City AI Community event

On 24 May, the Zaragoza City AI Community held its first “Love and Artificial Intelligence” event at the CaixaForum in Zaragoza, organised by everis and led by the everis NTT DATA Artificial Intelligence Assets Manager, Antonio García Morte. 200 people attended the live event, with over 2,000 more watching the online stream in 32 countries, participating with the hashtag #ZaragozaAILove.

Love was the central theme of the session, which asked questions such as whether machines are capable of love, and if artificial intelligence can transform the world of emotions as we know it. The event, led by the ArtificialIntelligence Assets Manager, Antonio García, was “full of passion, humour, love and, above all, a lot of artificial intelligence.”
At the same time, the Big Data Technologies and Cognitive Systems and Multimedia Manager for ITAINNOVA, Rafael del Hoyo offered up a transgressive view of “Mathematics and Deep Love”.
BITBRAIN CEO, María López, for her part got the audience involved with her wearables. Can we measure the intensity of love? What’s more, INNOVART Co-founder/MAKERONI President, Luis Martín also took part, introducing us to other ways of loving humans through “Programming machines to love… And transforming our feelings”.
Finally, Jorge Gómez, EVERIS-NTT DATA Solutions-Specific Knowledge Analyst carried out a live sentiment analysis with the entire auditorium, with his talk “Does artificial intelligence make you happy?”
The speakers, leaders in the development of projects using artificial intelligence, shared some surprising experiences with the community, experiences related to the world of emotions, feelings and love “in a vibrant day for everyone passionate about this field.”

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