Febrero 5, 2018

Our experience in Madrid City AI with Ignacio Chaparro

The third Madrid City AI meeting brought together more than 200 people interested in learning about professional experiences, mainly in the field of Artificial Intelligence, at […]
Enero 18, 2018

Study on B2B Data Sharing in Europe

In January 2017, the Commission adopted the Communication ‘Building a European Data Economy’, which addressed, among other topics, access and transfer of non-personal, machine-generated data in business-to-business […]
Octubre 2, 2017

Do you want to be part of the elite of Data?

eDIN – Mediterranean views for the data elite Delivering projects with social impact In our Data Innovation Center, we are delivering data valuation projects in order […]
Septiembre 28, 2017

Get to know the talented data analysts we have at everis!

everis Big Data team is growing more than 30% per year, which is constantly adding new top-level experts to continue to offer innovative solutions to our […]
Julio 26, 2017

Containerized BigData in Mesos and Kubernetes

Currently, containers are, probably, the hottest technology companies are beginning to use. Everyone that learns about containers and their server immutability concept invariably loves them, because […]
Julio 11, 2017

The scientific publication WIREs Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery accepts a scientific paper from the CADC

It concerns the article “Evaluation and Comparison of Open Source Software Suites for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery” written by Miguel Angel Vallejo, CADC data scientist, […]