Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence integrates a set of disciplines such as computing, mathematics and logic as a starting point for developing systems that emulate human behaviour. In fact, the responses provided by these systems are hard to tell apart from those of a human.

Many examples have shown how artificial intelligence systems have been able to beat human beings in games of logic, such as chess, Jeopardy and Go, thus demonstrating advanced levels of creativity and strategic skill. Artificial Intelligence already has multiple practical applications in robotics, RPA, and decisioning.

In this context, everisMoriarty opts for non-axiomatic Artificial General Intelligence: systems without pre-existing knowledge that do not have business rules coded into them, but learn purely by observing and interacting with their environment and encoding their learning in a non-axiomatic (or non-deterministic) manner. This is done through everis’ AGI technology and the solution’s capacity for Big Data parallelisation, which integrates several levels of reasoning, from the most basic logical layers to abstract reasoning, as well as the management of temporal and spatial dimensions, emotional behaviour and, to a certain degree, self-awareness.