Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing represents the state-of-the-art in the management of knowledge and computer-human interaction, integrating a number of advanced disciplines such as artificial intelligence, signal processing, machine learning, natural language processing, speech and vision analysis, and capacities for dialogue and descriptive narrative.

The aim of cognitive computing is the development of systems that emulate human behaviour, learn for themselves through example and can be deployed in human working environments. Application of this technology will enable an entirely new era of products and services, such as Knowledge Assistants, Industry 4.0, Augmented Workforce, Virtual Assistants and Cognitive BPO.

everisMoriarty includes all of the elements needed for developing human emulation systems, combining Open-Source technologies with everis’ own proprietary components. everisMoriarty stands out for its ability to process large-scale information sets while extracting knowledge through reasoning engines with built-in artificial intelligence, and human-computer interfaces with personality and emotional recognition.