Data Technology

Big Data technology is constantly evolving as technologies appear in order to improve on the inadequacies of their predecessors, adding greater technical possibilities that can be transformed into new business opportunities. For example, what is now the market standard for Big Data analytical processing — Spark — was built on the foundations of the now “antiquated” Hadoop technology (ten years old...).

In this field, technologies to keep an eye on are Apache Nifi for ETL, Notebook-type technologies like Jupiter, and technologies with MPP architecture geared towards the IoT, such as Storm or Flink. In the future, the convergence of Big Data with Cloud will lead to entirely new solutions, and Mesos is likely to emerge as the most promising technology for the creation of Cloud Analytics Elastic Datacentres.

everisMoriarty technology is designed to offer best-in-class technological capabilities, while balancing maturity with state-of-the-art. Its engine was designed for use on Spark, but can also run on other technologies like Flink and Storm. In addition, it can be adapted via Mesos to run within Hybrid Cloud environments, and can be paired with a number of other technologies from the Big Data ecosystem, such as Data Discovery tools, ETL’s,Authentication solutions and Data Governance.